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The strength of Christian faith is based on certainty news of Bible which is God’s Word. Both revelation (highest presupposition) and Jesus Christ The Lord is an unseparated relating basis or irreducibly truth. Bible reveals Jesus Christ the Lord and Jesus respects the Bible. Unseparated relation between Jesus and His Word. Each gives certain truth and mutually strengthen.

            There are still some doubts due to what was stated of Jesus Christ as The Son of God, even judged that Bible is a fiction or ancient legend. Those who rejected Jesus as the Son of God had tried interpreting Bible’s texts to advocate their rationalities. Even manipulated the Bible’s truth. Biblical fact was manipulated to obtain speculated truth which was rejecting Jesus as God’s Son or made textual meanings goes relatively.

            The strength of biblical news about Jesus is the Son of God can’t be broken by their only pragmatic assumption who rejected it. Textual Bible’s truth about Jesus, The son of God is factual already and indisputable. The implication is that Jesus Christ Lord is The Living Sovereign God will never be in conflict or against any stated of the Bible about God’s personal and presence theologically ontologism and theological history. The certainty fact of God became human did His works in humanity history till dead and rose again. The news was unacceptable to modern people through their positivism historical analyzing method, so they tried to annul biblical truth which tend to fiction or myth. Then exchanged by partial or fragmentary truth which was acceptable, that Jesus only lived as human being and not more than a human created by God.

                The next is apologetically writing about Jesus’ stated Himself as Son of God according to canonical text of Bible. The exposing perspective is the truth in Christian historical and theological ontologism context. The Bible, what essentially is God’s Word, becomes a valid source in relating to Jesus is The Son of God, and other can not be accounted for, because its presumption is partially anthropology cosmocentric. All positivism facts in restricted dimension, in fragmentary or partial category would never achieve a perfect concept, except by God’s own mindset. May this article can answer the questioned Christian faith statement about Jesus is The Son of God.

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